Lifetime Resume
I encouraged each of the students (and some of the Instructors) to put the booklet into a
3-ring binder for future reference.

The real value of this is what I added above and beyond the 'usual' about resumes. I added
three forms on which they could record information they would need when filling out an
employment application: Employment Record, Education Record and References.
Lifetime Resume
Jay C. Wood
Copyright (C) 1991 by Jay C. Wood
This is a booklet I wrote while working as an Instructor in
a Secretarial School teaching computers. Among other
things the students had to write a resume but most of them
had no idea what a resume was. After checking with the
other Instructors, I found that there was no instruction
whatsoever about resumes! None! Therefore, I wrote this
"Included in this book is an
Each time you start or leave a
job, write the information on this
page. When it comes time to fill
out an Employment Application
you will have no trouble
remembering the information.
Keep this record up to date."
"Be sure to enter on the Education Record
any licenses and special certificates, such
as a First Aid Training Diploma, you
receive. Be sure to record who issued it
and the date. Also enter any unique
numbers such as a license number.
Although you might obtain a certificate or a
license without going to a school, enter the
information here to provide a record of
your achievement. Of Course, the
document itself should be kept in your
portfolio unless you have it framed and
hung on a wall."
"Also included is a REFERENCES
. Use this record to keep
names, addresses and telephone numbers
of people who will say good things about
you. If you rely on your memory while
filling out an application, you might get
something wrong."
What follows is from the booklet.

"It is very possible you will need more of these records as you go though life. These record sheets are printed on both
sides. Before entering information on the back side, make a copy of it and store the copy directly behind the existing sheet.
In this way you will always have a fresh page. The first time you have your resume copied is a good time to make spare
copies of these three pages."
Strange as it seems, it has been over fifteen years since I wrote this but it is as valuable today as when I wrote it. The forms did
not scan and reproduce like I had hoped but there is enough detail for you to get the idea. Technically, the aspect ratio remains
the same (almost) for enlarging up to 8-1/2" X 11" should you "Save Picture As ..." and then print it.  

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Christmas presents for grandchildren.
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