Letters to the Editor
Getting your
"Letter to the Editor"
Jay C. Wood

Copyright (C) 2003 by Jay C. Wood

(From page 3.)

This book is a consequence of my having dozens of "Letters to
the Editor" published in newspapers and magazines. Twelve of
my letters were published in one year by a single newspaper.
That was the result of a challenge issued by the leadership of my
local Libertarian Party. At one of our monthly meetings, a few of
us agreed to contribute either twelve dollars or send one "Letter
to the Editor" to a local newspaper each month for the next year.
It did not have to be published. We just had to write the letter
and send it. I saved twelve dollars because I submitted my twelve
letters and all twelve were published.

With that type of success, I have some expertise in the subject. I
am not Publisher nor an Editor nor have I ever worked for or at
a newspaper. Well, that is not strictly correct. I was the Sports
Reporter for my Junior High School Newspaper but for only one
year. And to be strictly honest about it, I did have a 'paper route'
when I was in Grade School.

Those paying attention to the footnotes, will see that most of the
letters printed here are from the 1980's and 2000's. When I first
started writing Letters to the Editor, I cut out the published
letters and kept them in a scrapbook. Then, when the scrapbook
filled up, I stopped saving them. So, during the 1990's, I do not
have any of my published Letters to the Editor.
Freedom of Speech
In the late 1700's, a group of
people established something
radical. They brought into
existence a country where
property owners had rights:
Property Rights....
This newspaper is under no
obligation to print this or any
other Letter to the Editor.
That is their Property Right
and they would not be
denying my Freedom of
Speech by not publishing this

Letters to the Editor, "Freedom of
Fillmore (California)
, 17 Jul 2003, p. 3.
(47 Pages - 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" - Saddle stapled)
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