VFW Memorial Day Activities Cancelled
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To the Editor:       
I am a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Fillmore Post 9637. This letter is not being written as a representative of the
VFW but it is written as a veteran who is a VFW member. I am speaking neither for the VFW nor for my Post. But some things
need to be said and I am voicing my own personal opinion.
It was with a great deal of pride that I once again stood before the students of the Fillmore Middle School during their "Pride in
America Day" assembly held last Thursday. There were a dozen or so veterans including quite a few employees of the Fillmore
Unified School District. We were all on the stage before the students except a couple of veterans who stayed with their
classes--they are teachers at that school.
Each year, for the past several years, this school has invited local veterans to attend this assembly which is always held near the
Memorial Day Weekend. I for one wish to thank the organizers of this event and hope they continue to hold their "Pride in
America" assembly for as long as there is a Fillmore Middle School.
This coming Monday, I will be standing with members of the VFW and other veterans as we pay tribute to our fallen comrades.
I will be at the Piru Cemetery and the Bardsdale Cemetery. It will be my honor and privilege to participate in the Memorial Day
ceremonies at both of these local cemeteries.
Each year, for the past several years, these two cemeteries have held ceremonies on Memorial Day to honor the veterans they
watch over. I for one wish to thank the organizers of these events and hope they continue to hold these ceremonies for as long
as there is a Piru Cemetery and a Bardsdale Cemetery.
Today, Saturday, 26 May 2007, Memorial Day Weekend, I and other VFW Post 9637 members were scheduled to offer Buddy
Poppies to the customers at a local supermarket. All the funds from any donations received would have been used to aid veterans
and their families who are in distress.
Each year, for the past several years, this local supermarket had graciously allowed the VFW to offer Buddy Poppies inside their
store. This year was to be no exception--until yesterday! Arrangements had been made for the Buddy Poppies to be offered, our
shifts had been assigned and I for one was once again ready to do my duty.
Yesterday things changed. Apparently the corporate management of this supermarket chain decided that they would sponsor a
different event on Memorial Day Weekend and that event has nothing to do with veterans. Therefore, the VFW would have to
go. The word got out too late to notify all the membership of Post 9637 and a few veterans showed up for their tour of duty
only to find that access was denied.
Until and if this large, national, supermarket chain does something to redeem themselves in the eyes of this veteran; they will no
longer have my business. Too many good men and women have made sacrifices and now need some assistance. Buddy Poppy
donations would have helped.

Wood, Jay C.
CE1, USN (Ret)
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This 'Letter To The Editor' was published in The Fillmore Gazette on Thursday, May 31, 2007. It was also published
on the Gazette's web page, <
http://www.fillmoregazette.com>. Look for it on the "Opinion" page. It won't stay on the
web very long since new 'letters' replace old 'letters' as they come in. Since this letter was published, there has been a
reaction letter published. Seems that the VFW members are not the only ones concerned about this problem.