Rent Control Objections
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These 'Letters To The Editor' were published in The Fillmore Gazette on the dates indicated. They were also
published on the Gazette's web page, <>. Look for these and others Letters about
Rent Control on the "Opinion" page. They won't stay on the web very long since new 'letters' replace old 'letters' as
they come in.
284 words / Submitted 11 Dec 2007 10:45 AM / Published Dec 13, 2007 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number One!
To fully express my feelings about Rent Control would far exceed the publisher’s guidelines for letters (I should know, I wrote
a book called “Getting Your ‘Letter to the Editor’ Published”). Therefore, I shall break one big letter into several smaller letters.
Nobody, absolutely nobody can say, with any certainty, exactly what Rent Control will or will not do! Of all the Rent Control
Laws now in effect, no two are identical. Each is ‘tailor made’ to, supposedly, fit the situation. Until the Ordinance is passed
by the Fillmore City Council and the lawyers and judges have had their say, nobody can say exactly what Rent Control will or
will not do and even then they might not be too sure.
What will the Fillmore Rent Control cover? Mobile home parks? Apartment houses? Rental houses? Motels and hotels? Any of
the above? All of the above? None of the above? Until the Ordinance is in effect, nobody can state with any certainty what will
or will not be covered.
How much rent may or may not be charged? Will rent be decreased? How much? Will rent be increased? How much? What
criteria will be used to decrease or increase individual rents? What about existing Rental Agreements and Leases? Until the
Ordinance is in effect, nobody can tell what will or will not be allowed and covered.
All the various ‘sales pitches’ currently being spread around about Rent Control and all it will or will not do for the individual
renter are all, without exception, pure speculation. There are some things we can definitely state about Rent Control now but
that requires another letter.
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
248 words / Submitted 11 Dec 2007 11:30 AM/ Published 20 Dec 2007 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Two!
(This is the second in a series of Letters to the Editor. The first was published Dec 13, 2007.)
How many of you are Socialists? If you look in a dictionary or encyclopedia for a definition, you will find these words or
something very similar, “The public controls the means of production.”
You will also learn that Socialism is primarily an economic system and not necessarily a political system. Germany during the
1930’s and 1940’s was a dictatorship (politically) and socialist (economically). The U.S. is a republic (politically) and capitalist
(economically) or at least it was designed that way.
What do the previous paragraphs have to do with Rent Control? “The public,” which is a political body, “controls,” by
determining what happens, when and how, “the means of production,” which is the privately owned rental property.
Under Rent Control, privately owned rental property is controlled by a political body. That body could be a “Rent Control
Board,” or the City Council or some faceless bureaucrat in Ventura, Sacramento or Washington.
A Capitalist, when faced with rents rising beyond his means, might consider moving. Another Capitalist might build more
rentals. A Socialist screams to government (The public) and demands they do something (controls the means of production)
like impose Rent Control.
Under Rent Control, the owner of private rental property is an owner in name only! What alternatives does the private property
owner have? That requires another letter.
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
246 words / Submitted 22 Dec 2007  11:55 AM / Published 27 Dec 2007 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Three!
In any ‘for profit’ investment, there is something know as Return on Investment (ROI). Divide your net profit by your total
investment and that is your ROI.
If your ROI exceeds the current CD (Certificate of Deposit) rate, then your labors might be worthwhile. If your ROI is less
than what a CD would pay, you are loosing money. In the stock market there is an old adage: let your winnings run but cut
your losses.
Under Rent Control, how do rental property owners cut their losses when their ROI is less than the current CD rate? There are
at least four possibilities.
1. The owner can let the Rent Control board determine everything hoping their ROI will return to the CD rate.
2. The owner could appeal Rent Control Board rulings but that might require the services of an Attorney whose fees would
have to come out of the owner’s profit.
3. Sell the property. If you owned an investment (newspaper, stock, or rental property) that was loosing money, what would
you do?
4. No buyers for Rent Controlled property? Then sell the individual rental units to the current renters, maybe.
Anybody want to buy a nice mobile home park? Or build a motel? How about an apartment house?
Then there is Prop 13, but I’m not even going near that can of worms.
Will any of this happen? I don’t know.  Do you?
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
312 words / Submitted 30 Dec 2007/ Published 3 Jan 2008 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Four!
If and when Rent Control becomes law in Fillmore, government will control some or all rental properties. Here are samples of
government’s “Traffic Control” in and around Fillmore.
1. Traffic would be less of a problem in and through Fillmore if the Fillmore Freeway and the Santa Paula Freeway had been
completed as scheduled. Government cancelled those two freeways after some of the construction had begun.
2. A while back the City of Fillmore was offered money to install Sound Barrier Walls. These are the high block walls that
separate highways from nearby homes so residents can hear their TVs. The walls would have been built at no expense to the
City of Fillmore. Is the El Dorado shielded by Sound Barrier Walls? No! Why? Ask your City Council Member.
3. There have been appeals from both management and residents to the Fillmore City Council and to Caltrans for a traffic light
at the entrance/exit to the El Dorado Mobile Home Estates. The City Council recently announced that two new traffic lights will
soon be installed but neither will be at the El Dorado. At one of these intersections there was a serious traffic accident recently.
Maybe the traffic death of an El Dorado resident will expedite a traffic light.
Has government done anything about traffic in and through Fillmore? Yes! Instead of freeways, a four lane highway was
completed with traffic lights for “Traffic Control.” The vastly increased traffic is reducing the value of some mobile home
spaces due to the enormously increased noise.
So what makes you think that government will solve your other problems? Has government solved your medical problems?
Has government educated your children and grandchildren? Ronald Regan said, “Government is not the solution to our
problem, government is the problem.” Remember him? At least he tried.
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
243 words / Submitted 7 Jan 2008 10:25 AM/ Published 10 Jan 2008 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Five!
“It is wise to remember that you are one of those who can be fooled some of the time.” Laurence J. Peter
Instead of ‘Absolute’ Rent Control, how about having ‘Selective’ Rent Control?
Absolute Rent Control means that every rental will be under Rent Control PERIOD! Each and every one! No exceptions!
Makes no difference if a renter will be harmed or benefited, they all go under Rent Control.
Selective Rent Control means that each renting household may choose either being under or not being under Rent Control. If a
household thinks that Rent Control will be to their advantage, they may choose to go under Rent Control. Those who see no
advantage or a disadvantage may choose not to be under Rent Control.
If the Ordinance were written with an ‘opt out’ clause, those households selecting Rent Control could, if it didn’t work out for
them, come out from under Rent Control. Also, those who decided that Rent Control would be better for them could go under
Rent Control at some later date.
If Rent Control itself is such a good idea there should be no objection to any of the above about Selective Rent Control. Those
that want Rent Control will have it. Those that don’t want Rent Control won’t be forced into it. Or is this the “some of the
time” and you are one of those being fooled?
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
249 words / Submitted 14 Jan 2008/ Published 17 Jan 2008 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Six!
Letter Five suggested ‘Selective Rent Control’ in which renters could choose to be under or not be under Rent Control. There
should be no objections to that plan. Those who want Rent Control can have it. Those who don’t want Rent Control will not
be forced to have their rent controlled by the government instead of by themselves and their landlord.
What happens when a law is passed and it turns out to do something other than what was intended? How do you get rid of it?
Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize winner, once said, “The result is a general rule: if a private venture is a failure, it is closed
down; if a government venture is a failure, it is expanded. I challenge anyone to find an exception.”
Getting Rent Control off the books might be accomplished by using Selective Rent Control. Should all the rental households
remove themselves from Rent Control, then the Ordinance would be removed from the books. The Ordinance could contain
such a ‘phase out’ clause.
If and when Rent Control is passed, each and every renter, without exception, will be forced to be under Rent Control. Like it
or not, every renter gets Rent Control! What if Rent Control does not do what is intended or it creates more problems than it
cures? Once it is in place it will be exceptionally difficult if not impossible to get rid of Rent Control.
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
275 words / Submitted 21 Jan 2008 / Published 24 Jan 2008 (web + print)
Note: There is a minor variation between this Letter and what was published. The publisher felt it was a bit confusing this way
so I suggested the change. The last sentence in the fifth paragraph reads, "You could buy a nice mobile home for $40,000."

Rent Control Objection Number Seven!
I wholeheartedly agree with what Barry Goldwater said, “A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big
enough to take it all away.”
The City of Fillmore will probably pass a Rent Control Ordinance. The government will then determine what rent will be paid
by all renters under that Ordinance. Either the renter or the landlord may appeal but a Rent Control Board will make the final
determination. There will be no negotiating between any renter and their landlord.
Why not go the next step and make government the landlord?
The City of Fillmore has demonstrated that it can, will and has used
eminent domain.  They have ‘bought’ property from one
private owner when that owner didn’t want to sell and ‘sold’ it to another private owner (Fillmore Herald, “Letters to the
Editor” Dec 20, 2007).
eminent domain be used to buy and sell the Eldorado? Remember that this mobile home park is now bounded on three
sides by a housing development where houses start at $400,000 each. $40,000 could buy you a nice mobile home.
I doubt that
eminent domain will ever be invoked here but the thought that it could is terrifying to me and it should be to you. I
am not arguing for my home but for the space to park my mobile home. My ‘home’ is ‘mobile’ but I like it here.
Rent Control may be ideal for some renters. I have no doubt about that being a possibility. But Rent Control is like cod liver oil,
“Take it, it’s good for you!”
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
260 words / Submitted 28 Jan 2008/ Published 31 Jan 2008 (web + print)

Rent Control Objection Number Eight!
When this letter has been published, I shall have had my say (maybe). When will you speak out either for or against Rent
Control? Or don’t you care about more governmental ‘Control’ of your life?
Recently, I have been accused, both in and out of print, of all sorts of things as a result of these letters.
Yes, I am against Social Security although I continue to receive it! We have no choice but to let the government ‘Control’ our
retirement savings. For more on this go to <> and look under “Opinions.”
Yes, I am against Medicare although I continue to use it! Your Doctor’s fees and prescriptions are under the ‘Control’ of some
bureaucrat instead of your Doctor.  
Yes, I am against government subsidizes of any type! What would you call it when someone reaches into your pocket and
forcible takes your property (money) and gives it to somebody else? Theft! Just because that ‘someone’ is a government
agency doesn't lessen the theft.
Yes, I will be voting for Ron Paul! If his name is not printed on my ballot, I shall write it in.
“A strong conviction that something must be done is the parent of many bad measures.” Daniel Webster
Sometime in the future, when Rent Control has been passed by the Fillmore City Council; the lawyers and judges have had
their say; the Rent Control Board is established and in ‘Control’; I shall try very, very hard not to say, “I told you so!”
Yours in freedom,
Jay C. Wood
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