Mine and mine alone (although mine are not always original with me).
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Campaign Reform  This is something you and I will never, ever see. But if this was enacted! Wow! What a change!
Position Paper on Social Security  This was written while I was running for U. S. Representative.
Position Paper on Congressional Mistakes This was written when the 'national' speed limit was 55MPH.
Position Paper on Government Expansion This is the third and final Position Paper in the series.
VFW Memorial Day Activities Cancelled This is a "Letter to the Editor" which has been published.
Rent Control Objections This is a series of Letters to the Editor written against Rent Control
A Dissertation on Marriage This is about marriage and California Proposition Eight
An Error on the Umpire. Why can't an Umpire be human and make a mistake--an error?
Disaster Recovery What will be needed and when after a large disaster hits. Personnel, Equipment, Supplies.
Writing your Congressman or Congresswoman How to compose a letter to a congressman or congresswomn.
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