Campaign Reform
  1. For purposes of this Campaign Reform a “Campaign Contribution” shall consist of
    but is not limited to the following: (a) contributions in cash or kind to any person
    running for an elected office, (b) contributions in cash or kind to an “election
    committee” acting on the behalf of any person running for elected office, or (c)
    contributions in cash or kind to a Political Party, a Political Action Committee (PAC)
    and/or any other entity which acts on behalf of any person or persons running for
    elected office.  (Membership dues and/or fees shall not constitute a Campaign
    Contribution providing these dues and/or fees are used for the operation of the entity
    and not used to benefit any particular person running for an elected office.)
  2. Campaign Contributions may be made by an individual or by marriage partners
    only.  (Hereinafter “individual” shall mean a single person and/or marriage partners.)  
    No company, corporation, business, partnership, labor union, association or any other
    entity, other than an individual as defined, may make a Campaign Contribution.
  3. All Campaign Contributions shall come from the contributor’s taxable income.  
    Taxable income is defined as any income from any source which is taxable by the
    United States and which was or will be required to be reported as taxable income on an
    Internal Revenue Service form 1040 or any equivalent form for individual taxpayers
    whether or not they are citizens or residents of the United States.
  4. Individuals with taxable and non-taxable income may not make Campaign
    Contributions in excess of their taxable income unless they declare as taxable an
    amount of income matching or exceeding the Campaign Contribution amount and pay
    the appropriate tax as if the entire amount were taxable income.
  5. There shall be no tax deduction or other credit for Campaign Contributions.
  6. Campaign Contributions or other contributions in cash or kind from any source, other
    than an individual, shall not be accepted by any entity acting on behalf of any person
    running for an elected office including the person running for an elected office.  
    Anonymous  contributions received by any entity shall immediately be turned over to
    the agency having enforcement jurisdiction of election campaign laws.
  7. All persons donating their services directly or indirectly to any political campaign, shall
    do so voluntarily and receive no compensation or reimbursement for their services
    except for their actual “out of pocket” expenses.
  8. An Individual may make a Campaign Contribution to any entity listed in Paragraph 1(c),
    providing that (a) the entity passes on no less than 90% and no more than 100% of
    Campaign Contributions to persons running for political office or to their election
    committees and (b) the entity clearly states in advance its political affiliation and/or
    declares to which person or persons running for elected office that entity intends to
    pass on the Campaign Contributions.
Campaign Reform        by Jay C. Wood, Libertarian        04/10/2007
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