Jay C. Wood
My simple objective on this page is to inform people about who I am.
Master of Science, Educational Computing
Pepperdine University                1985
I have been a part-time Instructor at Oxnard Community College teaching Industrial
Electricity, a course I co-developed and presented for the first time there. I have also been
a part-time Instructor at Watterson College in Oxnard, California teaching Computer
Bachelor of Science, Occupational Education
Southern Illinois University        1982
1987 to present: Semi-retired         (Never retire! You won't have time to do anything!)
1981 to 1989 Part time Instructor
1969 to 1984 U. S. Navy -- Construction Electrician First Class
I retired in 1984 after serving a total of 20 years active duty, most of that time as a
Construction Electrician. I served tours as an Instructor in Disaster Recovery Training and
in the Construction Electrician School. My last assignment was in Curriculum
Development where I wrote training courses for several of the SeaBee ratings.
If this looks like a Resume its because it is basically
a Resume, very modified but still my Resume.
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