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This is a work in progress! (Why do I start these things?)  When it is completed (if ever) it will
contain the names of all the people buried in the Piru Cemetery, over 500, with their grave's
location in the cemetery and a photo of the marker if there is one. The program I am using to
enter all this data is an excellent one (even if there are some minor problems with it) called
Cemetery DataSource. The nice thing about this program, besides the fact that it works, is the

For an excellent article, although ten years old, about the Piru Cemetery click on the link:
Los Angeles Times Feb 20, 1999

If you are looking for an obituary for any particular person, click the link at the bottom of the
page which will take you to the Ventura County Genealogical Society's pages where you will
find my book,
Fillmore,California Obituary Index 1916-1996. Caution: The obituary is not there
but it will give you the newspaper and date when it was published. All these newspapers are
available and in the Fillmore Library.

Currently there three pages containing 595 names of which most are with tombstone photos
(Some in the database are "Marker Only" and they are not included in the online listing).
Except for a few 'stragglers' all the photos have been taken and entered (I hope).

Today (6 Jun 2008) I entered the Row numbers for all the grave markers in Section C. Also
found out that Section C has been split into Sections C & D. No big problem, will fix them later.
Probably not do much more until sometime after 4th of July.
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Notice: This web site (Piru Cemetery) will be closed in
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the data from here to
Find A Grave including veteran's
data and photos.