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This cemetery has been known by several names. It started as the "King's Prairie Burying
Ground." It is currently known as "Fairview Cemetery" and also as the "Gates-Mill City Fairview
Cemetery." Regardless of its name, it is located between the towns of Mill City and Gates,
The address, 50,000 Kingwood Ave, is arbitrary since there is no such address. It is on
Kingwood Ave but I found that the various Internet mapping programs respond to that number
and locate the cemetery.
As the entrance sigh says, it is maintained by donations. Mr Dan Lemke is the Caretaker or
Sexton (I prefer the older title) and does an excellent job of keeping the cemetery in very good
condition. Any donations you care to make (and I encourage you to do so) may be sent to him
at 211 S.W. Kingwood Ave; Mill City, OR  97360-2615.
This stone is at the base of
the flagpole located at the
north end of the Center
Notes about the Fairview Cemetery and the markers.
From 13 through 17 June, 2009, I was at the Fairview Cemetery and took pictures of over
1,600 grave sites. The following month I spent arranging and entering the data from the
grave markers into the data base.
On the Maintenance Shed is located an excellent map of the cemetery. I pretty much
followed that map as to the Row and Space for each entry. It is quite possible that my
recording may be off a row or two and by a few spaces but look around because they must
be there somewhere. At least I got you close.
Each entry contains only what is on the marker but there are a couple of exceptions to that. I
could not resist to include "Carl" and "Gladys" to Lester C. Chance and Lena G. Chance
since I and probably everybody else, never knew them by any other name but Carl and
In several cases the death date was not entered and I can only assume that the person is
still living. These are called "Marker Only" and are not included in the listing on these pages.
In several cases it was obvious that the marker was for a child, even though only one date
was given, so they are included.
The software for this project is "Cemetery DataSource." It was written by John C. Anderson
and he wants nothing more for the use of it except an acknowledgment. I am more than
happy to do that and I encourage anyone who is thinking about doing this type of project to
contact him. His address is given at the bottom of each page. I found it while looking for
ancestors buried in Indiana. Imagine my surprise to find a picture of the gravestone of my
great great great grandmother!
Why did I Index Fairview Cemetery when I live in California? Because I have over thirty
ancestors and relatives buried there including some without markers. If we can figure out
where they are maybe someday I will mark the spot.
To get to the listings, click anywhere in the Fairview Cemetery picture.
I have received information that Dan Lemke is no longer the contact person for
the cemetery. I assume that Mr. Lemke has retired after many years of service.
I, for one, wish him a long and enjoyable retirement.

The contact person now (according to the information I received) is:
JIM BAKER (503)897-4622 (NOTE: This is the correct number, I hope!)