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Piru Cemetery is located at the north-west end of Piru, in Ventura County,
California. It is a rather small cemetery with less than one thousand graves.
It is the first cemetery I indexed and is within ten miles of where I live in
Fillmore, California.
Cemeteries Indexed by Jay C. Wood
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Fairview Cemetery is located between the towns of Mill City
and Gates in Linn County, Oregon. I indexed this cemetery
because I have over thirty ancestors and other relatives
there. This database only has the names on the markers!
A word about the indexing program: Cemetery DataSource. The program I am using was written by
John C. Anderson who wants nothing more in payment than an acknowledgement. I am more than
happy to do that. If anyone is contemplating indexing a cemetery, you could do much worse than
using this fine program. You may contact him by clicking on his link at the bottom of each of the listing
Cemetery DataSource
How I Do It
A link to a page on which I describe what I do and when and how.
Bardsdale Cemetery is located about five miles south
west of Fillmore, California. It is the largest cemetery in the
eastern part of Ventura County.
When I receive an email <> about new markers in the cemetery, then I go to the
cemetery and take the picture and add it to the data base. Please give me some hints: what section,
where in the section (N, S, E or W), name and dates on the marker. The same applies for any
omissions I may have made (yes, it is possible I missed something). Don't forget about newly carved
dates. I can replace the present picture with an updated picture.

None of these cemetery listings are designed to be nor are they intended to be a complete
index of any cemetery.
What appears here are only pictures I have taken and the data I have
entered from the marker and other sources.
For additions and omissions someone must tell me about them.
The Richardson Famlly Cemetery is a private cemetery with no public
access. If you wish to visit the cemetery, please contact me and I will relay
your request to the family.  It is located a few miles south-east of Santa
Paula in Ventura County, California.
I have arrived at the conclusion that I will not be indexing anymore
cemeteries and adding them to this website. Find A Grave
currently does
just about everything so I will be adding data and photos there.

One of the problems is that the program I use is no longer maintained
and will only run on XP. I am presently using a Win-7 Pro machine with an
XP emulator on it so I can add to or change the data to the existing
cemeteries on the web site. But, as with everything else in computer
land, my present computer’s days are numbered.