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Piru Cemetery is located at the north-west end of Piru, in Ventura County,
California. It is a rather small cemetery with less than one thousand graves.
It is the first cemetery I indexed and is within ten miles of where I live in
Fillmore, California.
Cemeteries Indexed by Jay C. Wood
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Fairview Cemetery is located between the towns of Mill City
and Gates in Linn County, Oregon. I indexed this cemetery
because I have over thirty ancestors and other relatives
there. This database only has the names on the markers!
A word about the indexing program: Cemetery DataSource. The program I am using was written by
John C. Anderson who wants nothing more in payment than an acknowledgement. I am more than
happy to do that. If anyone is contemplating indexing a cemetery, you could do much worse than
using this fine program. You may contact him by clicking on his link at the bottom of each of the listing
Cemetery DataSource
How I Do It
A link to a page on which I describe what I do and when and how.
Bardsdale Cemetery is located about five miles south
west of Fillmore, California. It is the largest cemetery in the
eastern part of Ventura County.
The Richardson Famlly Cemetery is a private cemetery with no public
access. If you wish to visit the cemetery, please contact me and I will relay
your request to the family.  It is located a few miles south-east of Santa
Paula in Ventura County, California.
 I have arrived at the conclusion that I will not be indexing anymore cemeteries and adding
them to this website. Find A Grave currently does just about everything so I will be adding
data and photos there.
One of the problems is that the program I use is no longer maintained and will only run on
XP. I am presently using a Win-7 Pro machine with an XP emulator on it so I can add to or
change the data to the existing cemeteries on the web site. But, as with everything else in
computer land, my present computer’s days are numbered.
I can no longer use the Cemetery DataSource program (see
below) and therefore cannot edit, add, delete, change any of
the data presented here. ALL the information (name, dates,
cemetery) have been entered into Find A Grave